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8th February 2018 | Posted by: Rich Evans

A Great New Service for Self Catered Holidays

Huski are a great service that is changing the face of self catered holidays. No longer do you have to queue up in busy supermarkets to stock up on food - you don't even need to cook!     Huski will deliver oven ready meals & drinks delivered to the door of your apartment or chalet. You can mix and match from one or two meals or have a 6 day menu all ready for you!  They ... view entry

18th December 2017 | Posted by: Rich Evans


NEW IDENTITY FOR COURCHEVEL Starting this winter, a new logo will unfold on the station of Courchevel. The goal? Improve our visibility by sharing a new logo that is simpler and easier to use for everyone involved in the station. In recent years, Courchevel no longer had a logo but twenty declinations that coexisted on the station. This diversity was detrimental to the brand ... view entry

2nd December 2016 | Posted by: James.Gambrill

Skimium, the exclusive ski hire partner of Altitude Holidays. Save over 50% off ski hire this winter

WHO ARE WE? Skimium.com is a partner of Decathlon The stores that are affiliated to skimium.com are independent stores located in the heart of the ski resorts. At these winter sports specialists, who all have a great reputation, you’ll find a wide range of the highest quality material that is available for either sale or rent. You can also find a variety of technical clothing and ... view entry

9th September 2016 | Posted by: Rich Evans

Our Spanking New Shiny Website!

How things change!  It's a long time since AltitudeHolidays.com was first launched - way back in 2000 in fact with a couple of chalets in Courchevel.  Give us a shout if you stayed with us back then!  The business has evolved a lot since then as has technology and it is surprisinging how quickly websites can look dated! So ahead of this season we have updated our site to make ... view entry

19th July 2016 | Posted by: Rich Evans

Why A Ski Weekend?

There are many people I’ve known over the years who’ve caught the ski or snowboard bug and went off on a few ski holidays during their late teens or early twenties, but then suddenly stopped going. There are a few factors involved, including financial ones that often involve starting a young family; but another major reason is time.  Now this of course is completely ... view entry

16th December 2015 | Posted by: Rich Evans

Where’s the snow?

Are you panicking yet?  Have you got a Christmas ski holiday or New Year ski trip booked and been scared by the media that you won’t have any snow when you go skiing? Yes it’s the usual annual media free for all - writing scare stories, overhyping, sensationalising and making things up!  Really? The press do that? Surely not I hear you say!  Afraid so I say! It seems ... view entry