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Ski Blog | Cross Country Skiing

6th April 2017 | Posted by: Rich Evans

Try Something Different Next Time You Are On Holiday

It's easy to stick with the same old skiing or snowboarding when you are on a weeks holiday but there are so many other things to do in a ski resort and even half a day trying something else out can be great fun and help in your own sport. We gave cross country skiing a go back in February and...

We thought we'd give cross country skiing a go....

9th January 2017 | Posted by: Rich Evans

Rich tries Cross Country Skiing

Rich gives cross country skiing a go - find out he got on.

Rich Reports on cross country skiing.

2017 Ice carving
1st January 2017 | Posted by: Rich Evans


So here we are in 2017!     Lets hope that mother nature brings more snow for the rest of the season than she did at the start of this season! What ever happens whether you are skiing, boarding, hiking, cross country skiing, sledging have fun but stay safe! Make this the year you...